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    Shanghai King Hyde Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd

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    Screw type condensing unit
    Product name : Screw type condensing unit
    Product No. : KCS-
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     Product Introduction

    The BLG-M series screw temperture condensing unit can meet large, used in freeze with temperature is -5~5℃ 


    1.  With bizter screw compressor,high efficiency, long life, low vibration and low noise characteristics.

    2.  Units fully equipped, with the main refrigeration and control components world famous brand and high reliablity.

    3.  With multi protection devices for compressors wrong direction, overheating, overload, discharge temperature, oil level and high or low pressure, and thus ensuring high reliability of operation.

    4.  With CIC system, that will make the liquid line solenoid valve opens for liquid cooling when the discharge temperature exceeds the set value.

    5.  With multiple levels of capacity regulation, adapting different cooling load, reduce energy consumption.

    6.  With PLC control and touch screen, can realize remote monitoring based on user' requirements.


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